Why Did Lady Gaga Go To VMAs As Jo Calderone?

Lady Gaga performed her current hit “You and I” at the 2011 Video Music Awards but as Jo Calderone, a role she performed so well that no one was able to broke her belief she is actually a man who performs Lady Gaga’s last music hit. On the stage Calderone performed also a lengthy monologue depicting his former love Lady Gaga, entertaining guests and viewers alike.

Actually, Jo Calderone made the show-opening performance while Lady Gaga did not even reacted when someone called her “Lady Gaga” at backstage. However, she waived to people when someone made a remark, Look, Jo Calderone. In fact, she demonstrated an exceptional commitment to the role she had selected to play at 2011 VMAs, experts commented.

Fearless, is the word describing why did Lady Gaga went to VMAs as Jo Calderone. It was a way for her to demonstrate her bravery and fearless attitude toward everything that surrounds her, sources close to the singer revealed. Actually, she was dressed as her alter ego and spread a message that all people are born without being able to select their sexuality, for example. Nevertheless, fans of Lady Gaga said they cannot decide whether they like her more as a woman or a man.

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