Location Based Network Solutions

Depending on the level of social media that each person and each business participates in, the geo-location is a huge issues. Various app’s like Whrrl and foursquare along with the various mapping apps can track your position almost continuously. Companies have started to rely on the fact that customers are making their whereabouts more and more public. The businesses that haven’t not dipped into social media yet have no clue what they are missing as far as the benefits of network solutions

Other online search engines can help companies track the location of their customers and provide them with almost instant feedback. The big business model offers customers perks for maintaining a constant relationship regarding their location. This very topic was big at the Geo-Loco conference in San Francisco last week. Network Solutions are here, right now, and companies that refuse to join in are missing a huge customer base.

For the customer, finding a product in their area at the cheapest possible price can be done using social media. The platforms differ from one another in at least one way but for the most part, they are all built to accomplish the same thing. Locate customers for businesses and locate businesses for customers. Network Solutions allows those involved in geo-locating the opportunity that no one ever imagined possible pre-geo-locating.

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