Rapper T.I. Leaves Prison Tweets

Clifford Harris, who is widely known as Grammy-winning rapper T.I.. was dressed in a red and blue stripped polo shirt and white shorts when he started serving the rest of his time in a halfway house for a probation violation. He was kept in the Forrest City low-security prison in Arkansas and delivered by a bus some 380 miles away from the Forrest City where he had to check into the halfway house.

Rapper T.I Prison

Following his release, he used his Twitter account to say this is the beginning of the Happy Ending, adding that the storm is over and the sun is back.

In 2009, he spent about seven months behind bars after trying to purchase unregistered guns and other weaponry from federal agents working under cover. After his release, he was on probation but was arrested in Los Angeles for possessing ecstasy pills and served 11 months in prison since October 2010.

He was released with contracts for a book and reality TV coverage of his journey home from jail. TV channel VH1 is going to air the show in December, resembling a similar TV show by MTV. In 2009, MTV broadcast a film called “T.I.’s Road to Redemption: 45 Days to Go,” where advised others not to make the mistakes he made during his life.

Publishers HarperCollins announced a deal for a book by T.I. that will be titled “Power & Beauty,” co-written with David Ritz. The book is expected on bookshelves nationwide in October.

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