Man Ordered To Pay Wife Damages For Lack Of Sex

A French ex-husband should pay $14,000 to his former wife for not having sex with her, a judge in French city of Nice ruled. The couple spent over 20 years in one bed but the Frenchman was not keen on playing sexual games with his ex-wife, the judge was told. According to the judge, a married couple should have healthy sexual relations and the woman had been granted divorce while she later demanded financial compensation for her “bad” bedroom experience.

Lack of Sex

The 51-year-old ex-husband now have to pay his four years younger ex-wife a sum in euros equal to $14,000. According to the Frenchman, who appeared in court under his first name Jean-Louis B. only, he suffered from various health problems and was very tired to properly satisfy his former wife.

The judge said that couples agree to share their lives and must have sex with each other to fulfill their matrimonial obligations. Observers commented that the myth of the French lover has been ruined in this divorce case while medics said there are numerous couples that experience similar problems worldwide.

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