It’s a Culture Site: Zappos

Most everyone is fully aware that digital media has taken over the world. Moreover, not just the world for teenagers and baby boomers but for young adults as well. The massive numbers of people joining various social media groups is growing in population with the biggest jump coming in those ages 50 up to 65. Zappos is no different from many of the online sites branching and growing at astronomical rates.

One of the new features specifically is an online company that has become a culture and not just a retailer. The company is a billion-dollar online retail company. Originally they were the biggest shoe retailer online dating back to 1999.  Now, Zappos  has made the move to host tours of their facilities for future entrepreneurs.

The big fans of the company are welcome in the office four times a day, four days of the week. The folks inside the cubicles have a great time showing the enthusiasm of the company by using Mardi Gras masks, beads and noisemakers. Zappos has managed to create a massive on-line following and is sometimes referred to as one of the celebrity-retailers.

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