PokerStars Down: Players Panic as Site Crashes

PokerStars website crashed and players panicked over their online accounts while the U.S. authorities are shutting down one site after another and popular web-portals prevent users in the United States from accessing online poker websites. Apart from occasional crashes of websites due to technical issues of hacking attacks, the major problem of the U.S. gambling community is that there are $6 billion worth of wagers annually in the U.S., while a “supercommittee” of six Republican and six Democrat senators and representatives are looking for ways to find additional $1.5 billion over the next 10 years to enter the federal budget.

pokerstars site down

Nevada is among the first states that makes serious efforts to legalize and supervise Internet poker companies with Gaming Control Board Chairman Mark Lipparelli hoping the regulations would be set by January 31, 2012.

Hackers are able to temporarily close a website through DdoS attacks but they are unable to shutdown Internet poker sites at a large scale as governments can do. Some 11 individuals in the United States were indicted on various fraud charges and several online poker sites were closed by the authorities in April this year. Since then many online players in North America use various techniques to bypass regulations in their home countries and play poker online.

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