C-17 Crash Elmendorf 4 Dead


Three members of the Alaska Air National Guard and an active duty service member were involved in a crash yesterday. The names of the Airmen are being withheld until their family have been notified. The accident will be investigated, however, the time frame for such investigation is lengthy. The sad situation is that the C17 Crash Elmendorf rendered no survivors at all.

The Globemaster III crashed on Wednesday in Anchorage at an air Force Base. The men were on a training run for an upcoming air show. The crash took place in the early evening and thus little is known yet concerning the details. The Boeing C 17 Crash Elmendorf sent a massive ball of fire into the air.

The witnesses of the crash indicated that the crash and subsequent fireball was frightening even from their standpoint. These aircraft have been known to survive missile attacks in Iraq as well as various pilot mishaps without rendering any casualties. Two aircraft managed to make it thorough surface to air hits in Baghdad in 2003 and again in 2009. Knowing that the aircraft is built to withstand such enormous threats, the investigation of the C17 Crash Emlmendorf will most likely be excruciatingly extensive.

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