The View Obama

The View Obama

It seems that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is on a crash course to ruin her career. Many would agree that not having to see her face any longer or hear her asinine comments would be a great addition to the show where she is a co-host. For someone who showed no signs of conservatism when she was gallivanting around the Outback on Survivor, she has sure manage to make some pretty ignorant statements just in the last year alone. Now, the president is making waves blaming the media for the circus surrounding the Agriculture Department official on The View Obama.

The President was a guest on the show co-hosted by Hasselbeck who has voiced her disdain for the President, at least someone had the good sense to let the man speak and be heard. He explained that there was a mistake on the part of his administration but that the media blew it completely out of proportion. Speaking his mind without having to endure the ignorance of Hasselbeck had to be refreshing to say the least. Other big topics for The View Obama included his knowledge of pop culture and the use of his Blackberry.

Can it be that the President of the United States is still using a Blackberry?  Surely someone can educate him on the positive aspects of an iPhone or Droid. Then again, hopefully Hasselbeck isn’t the one doing any explaining because when her mouth opens, the words that flow out are completely ridiculous. The View Obama will probably be a big show regardless of whether the viewers are Obama supporters or Hasselbeck fans.


  1. larry says:

    just because Elizabeth hasselbeck is the only one who has any COMMON sense on that ridiculous show and is not slobbering all over themselves to kiss the presidents ass does not mean what she has said is ignorant or asinine. in fact we have a president who cannot even prove his citizenship, nor his college papers. the only thing he has is his work from ACORN. now there’s a ringing endorsement. this man is anti white, anti christian, and down right anti american and no military leadership skills at all. i guarantee you if he was a republican you would be screaming to the high heavens for his head on a plate.

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