Reese Witherspoon Hit by Car

Actress Reese Witherspoon was taken to hospital after she suffered minor injuries following a car accident in Santa Monica, California. An 84-year-old woman struck Witherspoon in a crosswalk while she has performed her daily jogging exercise. The 35-year-old actress escaped fatal injuries in accident, police spokesperson said, adding that the senior driver was unable to see the actress crossing the street because of a large tree near the crosswalk.

Reese Witherspoon Hit By Car

The Oscar-winning Witherspoon has been taken to a local hospital for treatment but has been released soon after the accident. She spent the night at her home which signals she is in good condition, medics commented.

The 84-year-old driver failed to slow down nearing the crosswalk and was driving with about 20 miles per hour, the police forces said. She was not hurt in the accident, paramedics added.

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