iPhone 5 Release Rumor

The iPhone 5 official release is scheduled for the first week of October with initial ordering of the device starting this week, Apple insiders said. Sprint will also take part in the release of long awaited iPhone 5, together with telecommunication giants AT&T and Verizon, sources said.

iphone 5 release date

On the other hand, so many rumors have been around for long time undermining the importance of real news about the device that would hardly offer unseen functionality. Reportedly, two prototypes of iPhone 5 have been lost in the past year but no one ever confirmed the news iPhone 5 prototype really exists or that it is being tested by Apple and vendor employees.

The iPhone 5′ s operating system, iOS 5, is reportedly in the very late stages of beta testing, but there is a long way from beta testing to actual official release of a mobile phone operating system. Apple intentionally is keeping quiet on the date of iPhone 5′s release fueling rumors that help market the device even before it appears in public. Marketing experts expect the new mobile phone to skyrocket in terms of demand while Apple fans are eagerly waiting the official release of iPhone 5 for months and years.

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