Kate Gosselin Is Broke

Kate Gosselin revealed she is really scared because she has to take care of eight kids after her reality show has been closed by TLC. She has been a labor-and-delivery nurse in Reading, Pa., where TLC filmed a reality TV show in which twins, Cara and Mady, 10, and sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel, 7 were starring.

Kate Gosselin Broke

However, the TV company decided to close the show after the show was aired for nearly six years. Kate said kids were not ready to stand before the cameras and such being the case the TV producers closed the show.

Later, she went on to say that she has always had a Plan B to fund a new job if her current job is lost, but now she really does not know what is next. Actually, she said she will never give up and will do her best to secure her children, adding that she managed to save some funds that would help her to sustain the children for some time.

She added that while people tend to think a reality TV mom gets a lot of money the actual compensation for being in front of the cameras all the time is not that generous.

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