Carmelo Anthony’s Phones Were Stolen At A Charity Event

Carmelo Anthony has lost his mobile phones at a charity event while playing at one of the Goodman League charity games. Reportedly fans surrounded participants in the game after the show, and Carmelo’s phones disappeared in the the chaos that followed. Admirers of Anthony soon began to send messages and tweets to his phones, which appeared to be working, but the person who has stole them did not answer the phones and they went missing.

Carmelo Anthony’s Phones Were Stolen At A Charity Event

The most sad thing in the whole story, sources close to Carmelo said, is that he took part in a charity game where no one is supposed to steal anything from those who gathered to participate in an event devoted to a particular cause. Actually, his phones were not in the locker room, where they are supposed to be, but were publicly showed and attracted attention from a bad guy.

Friends of Anthony wonder whether the person who stole the mobile devices is going to take advantage of data stored in the phones, data like phone numbers, pictures, text messages, etc.

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