Paris Hilton Wants To Be A DJ Now

Paris Hilton reportedly is learning how to be a successful DJ and wants to be recognized s “the most powerful female house music DJ of all time,” while partying and recording music in Ibiza. Sources who spoke on condition of anonymity said she is working with the French house music producer and DJ David Guetta with their joint album is set for release at end-2011.

Paris Hilton DJ

The heiress Stars Are Blind” managed to enter the top ten music charts in 17 countries worldwide. Heiress Records is her music label that appeared about the same time.

In addition to her music endeavors, she is also involved in reality TV projects, fashion business, and stars as a haute couture model. She is also famous for her scandalous behavior in public, including including a probation sentence for DUI. In 2007, she breached the conditions of her probation and has been put behind bars for a short period.

She is not happy with being simply the heiress of a multinational hotel chain and promotes her own line of bags and other fashion accessories that sell extremely well.

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