Plane Escorted By Fighter Jets After Passengers Won’t Leave Bathroom

Suspicious activity aboard two commercial flights forced U.S. Air Force to send fighter jets to escort airplanes flying to New York City and Detroit with pilots reporting some passengers are spending too long time in bathrooms. All passengers were carefully checked and released after being questioned upon landing.

Plane Escorted by Fighter Jets

An American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to New York was escorted by jet fighters after three passengers repeatedly visited the bathroom aboard and cabin crew members considered such an activity suspicious. No bombs or other threats were found aboard the airplane after it safely landed at New York’s Kennedy Airport.

A Denver-to-Detroit Frontier Airlines flight was also escorted by air force fighters, after a couple of persons spent unusually long time in the bathroom raising suspicions among the crew. Three passengers were questioned at Detroit’s Metropolitan Airport, and all three were released after no threats detected on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

According to the FBI, the jets escorted the two flights as a precaution and FBI agents questioned all passengers involved in suspicious activity after both aircraft landed. FBI agents find no terrorism connections in both cases.

New Your City was on alert for possible terrorist attacks on the eve of 9/11 anniversary and the authorities were carefully checking all and every signal related to terrorism in the past few days. However, commercial pilots probably overreacted just like the FBI did, industry sources commented.

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