Kara DioGuardi: American Idol Falling Apart

No one ever expected reality TV to be a big hit when various shows hit the airwaves almost ten years ago. However, instead of flopping, the reality of it all seemed to grab folks attention faster than any other programming. One of the biggest reality shows of all time is American Idol but even that show may be losing steam. Simon Cowell made his announcement that he was leaving only one season after Paula Abdul left and Kara DioGuardi joined the judges table.

Ellen DeGeneres was a replacement judge for Paula Abdul but various reports are circulating that she is planning to leave after just one season as a judge. The judges table appears to be in a tailspin and who knows when and here it may stop. The tenth season of the show kicks off in January but no one is sure who will be sitting at the judges table alongside Randy Jackson. The rumor circulating right now is that Kara DioGuardi has been fired from Idol.

Fans complained that having four judges to deal with was taking time away from the contestants. The fact that the show ran over almost every week is a testament to the fact that maybe the show should be trimming down the judges table. However, since Simon’s replacement has yet to be named and the rumors of Ellen quitting are circulating, it seems a bit odd that Idol would actually fire one of the two judges left. If Kara DioGuardi has been released from her contract which has been reported as year to year, that only leaves veteran Randy Jackson hanging on to his seat.

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