American Idol: Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler

Reality TV has been a success almost world wide and obviously many were surprised by the interest. The bottom line is that shows usually peak and then turn in and live with a very short shelf life. One of the biggest hits of all the reality shows available may be heading downhill soon. American Idol has already lost one big judge and rumors are circulating that Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler could be joining Randy Jackson at the judges table.

The revolving door on the judges table has seen the crew go from three to four with a lot of publicity surrounding the loss of Paula Abdul. The addition of Ellen DeGeneres seemed to go smoothly with most of the talk last season focused on Simon Cowell leaving. Mostly fans seemed more interested in who would replace Cowell than what DeGeneres had to say. Now, the replacement of Cowell and possibly DeGeneres and DiGuardi could have American Idol showing off two new big stars in Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

DioGuardi had a year to year contract and although she seemed to fit in quite well, she never really had the power that Paula had and certainly can’t hold up to the standard of Simon Cowell. Moreover, Ellen seemed to concentrate more on when and how to work her newest joke into the show than actually critiquing the contestants. Now, with Paula gone, Simon gone and rumors of losing the other two, the show is going to need to step up and bring someone big to the table. The big names at the table in the upcoming season on American Idol may feature Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler but for now, the fans sit and await clarification on all the rumors.


  1. SFinSF says:

    I really liked Kara — and I think she has the same spirit that we are seeing from Lopez and Tyler — she is a professional who I think really got excited about true talent and really wanted to help. She’d fit in well with this group — unfortunately, she was stuck in the ridiculous soap opera that came before. I think the new judges have totally turned the show around — they have made it serious insead of being an embarrassment. Simon did a huge disservice to the contestants who worked so hard. The JOY of this show is seeing the talent, seeing them improve and getting a glmpse at how people like the legendary Jimmy Iovine work. When I see way the judges LIGHT UP when someone does well…when I see how they jus get lost in the performances — it’s great. I know they are hearing and understanding things that I have no clue about — they know the little vocal tricks and turns and how hard they are to do and get right…all of that. And they do what I want to see — they are really FANS and wish them all well and are trying to HELP them wiht concrete, constructive suggestions. just BRAVO all around. and who the heck knew STEVEN TYLER is such a nice, nice, NICE guy?!

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