Chelsea Clinton Wedding: The Biggest of the Century

We are merely 10 years into this century but folks have already started calling this grand wedding the biggest one of the century. Maybe that’s a bit overboard considering the 90 years or so that some other sweethearts like Malia and Sasha Obama have yet to even get started. Either way, the media says the Rhinebeck is like a three ring circus and it continues to add rings, not wedding ones yet either, at a rapid rate. With all formality, please congratulate Chelsea Clinton as she weds Marc Mezvinsky.

Former President and Senator Clinton definitely know how to throw a party and we knew that before now. However, any part that runs between $3 million and $5 million bucks, that’s not just chump change for even the Clintons. Rhinebeck is definitely swarming with celebrity guests and of course patrol officers who are trying to protect those in attendance. The big Chelsea Clinton wedding is expected to take place in front of approximately 8,000 witnesses.

The entrance to the location was being guarded and the entire area has been marked as no-fly zone. This is one serious event where intruders will not be welcome. Believe it or not, even with all this that we know, the actually wedding information was suppose to remain tight lipped. However, if you are Chelsea Clinton, having a wedding with 8,000 guests that cost almost $5 million dollars, privacy is probably not going to be the easiest part of the day.

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