Charlie Sheen Jokes About ‘Crack Pipe’ At Comedy Central Roast

Seth MacFarlane, the host of Comedy Central Roast TV show, and an odd mix of celebrities including actor William Shatner, actress Kate Walsh, “Jackass” stuntman Steve-O and former world heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson had laugh at popular and still much loved actor Charlie Sheen. The whole show focused on his sex life and drug use while his obvious talent allowed him to answer accordingly to those who roasted him.

Charlie Sheen Roast

Sheen starred in the comedy series “Two and a Half Men” and was the highest paid series actor before producers from the CBS network fired him half an year ago, saying he is not fit to act in the show. Later on, he experienced serious troubles in his private life and launched an attack on his former employers, which was regarded as a bad taste deed by other Hollywood celebrities. Nevertheless, he appeared to be overcoming his mental instability and now laughed sincerely at comments made on his current behavior.

The Comedy Central roast is scheduled to be aired on Sept. 19 while Charlie Sheen looks in good shape to face upcoming challenges, sources close to the show said. On the other hand, he lost a good job and should look for new opportunities to polish his public image, according to friends and fans.

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