Chelsea Clinton Wedding Photos

Chelsea Clinton Wedding Photos

Before the big wedding was even partially over last night, various big name sites started flooding the Internet with information surrounding Chelsea and Marc’s wedding. With the media outlets supposedly banned, the biggest pieces of information were streaming out through Twitter and Facebook via the guests at the wedding. Quickly the world new that the dress was strapless and made by Vera Wang and that her father escorted her down the aisle. Looking over the various Clinton wedding photos, it’s quite obvious that the wedding appeared to be just like many others before now.

The bride’s father, former President Bill Clinton walked his daughter down the aisle. The men were clad in dark suits and the mother of the bride, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was adorned in a dress from Oscar de la Renta. Indeed the photos indicate that the weeding was basically as simple as many before now but the names Vera Wang, Ocscar de la Renta, alongside the Clinton’s definitely makes this a wedding different from your normal weddings. The first Clinton wedding photos to hit the Internet were beautiful just like most every other wedding.

Twitter and Facebook both were buzzing with all kinds of ridiculous chatter including discussions of “sexual relations” alongside comments regarding the cost of the wedding. According to one Twitter fan, Jenna Bush married in a budget of $100,000 while Chelsea’s big day ran closer to $5 million. Naturally those kind of numbers lead to political words regarding the amount of money in the pockets of the Democrats versus the Republicans. Either way, the Clinton wedding photos are gorgeous making it fairly obvious that money was not an issue in planning this big event.

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