Parents Beaten and Stabbed in Chicago Suburb

A Chicago teenager called 911, saying he had found his parents murdered after he has been asleep in their family home in the suburbs. He told the police officers he did not hear anything during the brutal murder of his parents but deputies hardly believed his story after none of his friends was able to confirm his whereabouts at the time.

Granat Chicago Murder

The 17-year-old John Granat presented several alibis after the police interrogated him on charges that he has murdered his father John Granat, aged 44, and mother Maria Granat, at the age of 42. Both were found beaten and stabbed to death in the bedroom of the Palos Park family home. According to the police, the teenager threatened to kill his parents in the past while Granat’s lawyer denies he was involved in any threats toward his parents.

According to John Granat, he went to bed about midnight the same night on Sunday after getting home four hours earlier. He slept in the basement to avoid the summer heat and found his parents dead at 7 a.m. in the morning after being asleep all the night. He immediately called 911, Granat said, but a polce officer claims he spotted him two hours earlier, driving a car in the suburb.

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