‘All My Children’ Finale

“All My Children” series are about to end after being broadcast for some 42 years, while series star Susan Lucci still cannot believe the grand finale of the TV soap is now reality. The fans of the series would be glad to hear that online startup Prospect Park plans to start an online version of the popular series in January, but it is still undecided who would star in the new episodes. Susan Lucci has been the front face of the series for over four decades, playing her character Erica Kane on the ABC soap opera.

All My children

In fact, Lucci declined to join Prospect Park as the revamped Erica Kane in their online version of the soap opera after the company was unable to meet her financial demands and grant her a commitment for a prime time series.

Earlier, Lucci cast an attack on ABC Daytime President Brian Frons who is personally responsible for closing the long-running soap. ABC did not react angrily and issued a statement saying they have utmost respect for Susan and her career.

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