Manny Ramirez Slapped Wife In the Face…Allegedly

Manny Ramirez, who was once selected as World Series MVP, was arrested on charges of battery in Florida and later released on bail worth $20,000. The local police arrested former Boston Red Sox, L.A. Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays player after receiving a call for noisy domestic dispute at his home in South Florida, a police spokesperson said.

Manny Ramirez Wife Assault

The 39-year-old Ramirez reportedly slapped his wife Juliana following a scandal that took place in their bedroom where the two exchanged mutual accusations that grew into a bitter scandal. Allegedly, his wife hit her head on their bed’s headboard and Juliana told the police she called for help because she was afraid the situation is out of control.

The police officers that arrested Ramirez revealed his wife had red swelling on her face and a small bruise on the back of her head, while the former player firmly denied he had slapped wife Juliana in her face.

Ramirez is a 12-time All-Star player who earlier this year was caught with banned performance-enhancing substance and faced a 100-game suspension. Instead, he had choose to retire from professional sport.

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