Billionaire Brothers Move To Block New U.S.-Canada Border Crossing

Koch Industries owners, the Koch brothers, are behind a recent campaign to prevent the construction of a new border crossing at the U.S. – Canada border, planned to connect Detroit in the United States and Canada’s Windsor. Charles and David Koch own the second-largest U.S. privately held company with their core business involving numerous energy projects.

US-Canada Crossing

Recently, Canadian government set aside $550 million that were offered to Michigan for the construction of a new bridge to connect the U.S. and Canada by Michigan billionaire Manuel Moroun obstructed the project and managed to delay the start of construction works. He is the owner of the principal Windsor-Detroit crossing, the four-lane Ambassador Bridge, which is the largest border crossing between the two neighboring nations, and a new, six-lane bridge would ruin profits generated by his Ambassador Bridge border crossing.

The Koch brothers backed his attack against the new bridge due to their political orientation toward the right. They are firmly against implementation of publicly-funded infrastructure projects, while their Americans for Prosperity political pressure group is publicly campaigning in favor of dropping the project.

According to Canada’s consul general in Detroit, a new bridge to connect Detroit and Windsor is a priority project of Canadian infrastructure development policy, while local politicians hinted that the United States federal government is also interested the project to get go ahead. Canada is the most important trade partner of the U.S., therefore the White House would pressure local businessmen and politicians to accept a deal for construction of a new bridge.

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