Photos: Kirstie Alley Rocks Fashion Week Runway

Kirstie Alley, the 60-year-old actress, took part in Zang Toi’s fashion show in New York York on Tuesday, walking the catwalk for the surprise of guests and journalists attending the demonstration. Before the show Kirstie tweeted she is ready to walk the Cat, saying that False Bravado will guide her. “…Let’s have some fun @ZANGTOI!!!,” she told her Twitter followers.

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She told journalists she knows the Malaysian designer since 1993 and she was unable to refuse the invitation to participate in his fashion show. She went on to say Zang’s clothes are the most beautiful around, revealing she still has some runway jitters on the red carpet.

According to her tweets, she still fears to be in the spotlight while keeping “model face” is still challenging to her. After the show she personally thanked all star models for allowing her to be part of their show on the catwalk, admitting she had a good time presenting Zang Toi’s clothes collection for 2012.

It is really rare to see a woman at her age starring on the red carpet of a fashion designer’s show and the audience lauded her wholeheartedly while she imitated the best models in town.

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