CHICAGO: 80-Year-Old Man Carjacked, Beaten By Four Young Women

Four young women have beaten an 80-year-old retired Chicago police detective, carjacking and robbing him after spraying Wilbert Allen with pepper spray on King and 71st Street. The women, all aged about 20, used his cane to beat the driver then pulled him from his 1999 Toyota Camry and left him in the alley where the accident occurred.

80 Year Old Chicago Man Beaten

The young women attacked both sides of Allen’s car, he told the police, adding that they drug him out of the car to get his wallet, keys and police badge.

The Chicago police force arrived at the crime scene called by a neighbor and an ambulance took Allen to Mercy Hospital and Medical Center for treatment. Later, he went on to say he want the four women arrested and put behind bars.

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