Doctors Refute Bachmann’s HPV Vaccine Charges

Rep. Michele Bachmann took a firm stance against vaccination, insisting vaccines are able to cause autism, multiple sclerosis and juvenile diabetes, and attacked the HPV vaccine that protects against human papillomavirus. The virus is the main cause for the majority of cases of cervical cancer and other types of cancer like cancers of the mouth and throat, the anus, and penis.

HPV Vaccine

According to medical experts, however, Bachmann publicizes myths about the side effects of vaccines with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention denying any side effects are caused by vaccines at all. Popular false beliefs include myths that measles vaccines cause autism, while whooping-cough vaccines cause brain damage. However, no one have developed brain damage after taking the vaccine nor autism is spread amongst people who have been vaccinated with meaasles vaccines, doctors warned.

Vaccines are safe the Institute of Medicine, an independent body that studies big health questions, said after 15 years of research on vaccines and can cause health and medical problems rarely. Nevertheless, nearly a third of American teenagers have not got HPV vaccine due to their parents fear side effects might occur.

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