Warner Bros. Made A Billboard Out Of Bacteria To Advertise Contagion

Warner Bros. Canada invented an unusual method to promote their latest movie, Steven Soderbergh’s “Contagion,” using two storefront “billboards” in Toronto, which feature giant petri dishes with bacteria and fungi. Obviously, the bacteria grow as time flies resulting in the movie’s, decorated with cute little biohazard signs, formed by the organisms. Actually, the film is about the fictional MEV-1 virus that causes havoc after scientists are not able to deal with it and the virus threatens to inflict massive damage to people.

Contagion billboard

The film debuts in North America with commentators saying there are many such viruses around that are quite real, like Ebola, West Nile and HIV. Recently, Europe has been hit by a pandemy of E. coli bacteria, originating from vegetables and the authorities had to put much effort to localize and stop the spread of the bacteria across Europe and beyond.

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