Alicia Keys Wedding Photos

Alicia Keys Wedding Photos

The world has been watching in anticipation as former President Clinton walked his only daughter down the aisle. Indeed, Chelsea was a beautiful bride and the crowd of nearly 8,000 received just what they had envisioned. However, other big name celebrities took vows this weekend and without near the fanfare. One look at Alicia Keys wedding photos and the obvious is hard to ignore, she had an awesome wedding ceremony too.

The ceremony that united the pop queen to Swizz Beatz was a secret ceremony on a private island in the Mediterranean Sea. The two are expecting a baby in the near future and that wasn’t news to anyone. But the fact that she was sporting an equally gorgeous Vera Wang dress just didn’t get near the attention that Chelsea’s dress did. However, the ceremony, the dress, the Tom Ford tuxedo and the beauty was definitely still captured in Alicia Keys wedding photos.

Regardless of the amount of money shelled out to pledge love and commitment to one another, the premises is the same and hopefully both couples find happy ever after to be a reality. Naturally little girls dream of the big wedding that Chelsea’s family was able to orchestrate but the beauty of  private ceremony in the French Mediterranean seems extremely appealing as well. Wedding planners, including the Vera Wang, the queen of wedding gowns, have set the bar high and now new brides will watch and wait to see if they can duplicate the scenario for a lot less money. One last look at Alicia Keys wedding photos is enough for most people to see that intimacy of the ceremony was equally as mesmerizing as that of the 8,000 guest affair of the Clintons.

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