Kim Kardashian and Former Miss Missouri Candice Crawford

Candice Crawford

Kim Kardashian has made no bones about the fact that she likes to choose her men from the NFL pool. Prior to her current love, Kim was known as the eye candy on Reggie Bush’s arm. Kardashian currently adorns the arm of Miles Austin. On Sunday, Kardashian joined Candice Crawford in a private booth to watch the Dallas Cowboy’s practice.

The former Miss Missouri is said to be the jewel on Tony Romo’s arm for now. Kardashian and Austin won’t confirm the relationship but they have been seen together several times and of course her presence at practice sure looks convincing. Most Dallas fans remember Tony Romo as the guy friend, as opposed to actual boyfriend, of pop star Carrie Underwood. Now, however, the former Miss Missouri Candice Crawford will be the pegged as Romo’s girl as they head into the new season.

Imagine the surprise of various athletes, including Jerry Jones, who were beyond shocked to see these two women taking in an NFL practice session. The best part of the day came as various members of the media along with Cowboys administration started to ask questions. Miles Austin smiled and jogged off without responding to any of the questions regarding Kardashian. As for Romo, who knows what’s going on with him but Candice Crawford is a gorgeous young lady, time will only tell if he can hang on to her.

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