PHOTOS: Kirstie Alley After 100lb Weight Loss

Kirstie Alley, aged 60, managed to lose some 100 lbs recently and made her debut as a model wearing dresses made by Zang Toi at his Spring/Summer 2012 show, part of the 2011 New York Fashion Week. She told journalists that it was a long battle to fight her obesity but she courageously lost 100 pounds before she hit the catwalk in New York.

Kirstie Alley Weight Loss

She also admitted she never realized how she looks before she lost some wight, boasting a size 4 body, compared with size 14 before her successful wight loss program. Actually, she was size 14 at the time she was taking part in the Dancing with the Stars TV show.

She has become a celebrity participating in 2011 Dancing with the Stars TV spectacle where the dress she debuted with had to be taken in 38 inches by the time the show had come to its finale.

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