Demolishing Corsair Stadium at Santa Monica College

Santa Monica College

The good people who have grown up with Corsair Stadium as a staple in their lives are upset by the decision to demolish the stadium. Other options such as retrofitting and remodeling have been suggested but apparently the Board of Trustees aren’t interested in making such a move. The three story cement stadium on 16th street will be taken down leaving many fans wondering if there is another option. Obviously the Santa Monica College wants to do what the people living nearby want but the Trustees also noted that the this particular stadium needs to be taken down for environmental issues as well.

Other big structures set to fall by the wayside include the Liberal Arts classroom, the Letters and Science building, the Math Complex, the Library Village, the physical education building and the ESL building. At that rate, the school will be left with nothing but dust and no place for students to have classes. Indeed the buildings are old and possibly pose some environmental issues but how can the school continue with no classrooms? The Friends of Sunset Park are encouraging Santa Monica College to remodel the buildings instead of actually destroying them.

The school plans to rebuild the classrooms of course but many who live in the surrounding area just don’t see  demolishing as the only answer. The demolishing of the buildings would also enable the school to build a huge arena. The residents of the area indicate that the destruction would cause trouble for the residents because these buildings are not in a secluded area  Santa Monica College is positioned in the city with residential neighborhoods surrounding the school.

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