At least 3 Dead at Hartford Distributors

Hartford Distributors

August 3, 2010 – Three people appear to have fallen victim to a gunman during a shift change this morning in Connecticut. The person wielding the gun was apparently at the beer distributor this morning for a disciplinary hearing. Once the man was asked to resign from his position as a driver, he refused and then opened fire. Obviously the employee at the Hartford Distributor was part of a disciplinary hearing for a reason.

Various sources are reporting that three are dead and that the gunman had shot himself as well. However, the hospital would not confirm that the gunman had been admitted or what his condition was if he had. A police representative did confirm that authorities responded to the distribution center shortly after 7:30 this morning. The representative stated that the 911 caller indicated that someone had been shot and there was a victim at the Hartford Distributor.

The man who is supposedly responsible for the shooting did indeed kill and wound people who were part of the meeting this morning. The families were being notified before any names would be released. The shooting occurred during a shift change adding to the chaos. The employer and police are working now to determine who has not been accounted for and why. One victim that has been confirmed is the vice president of the Hartford Distributors but it is still unclear if he was one of the victims originally mentioned.

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