August Fourth is Obama’s Birthday

Obama Birthday

August 4, 2010 – People with a position of responsibility rarely get to celebrate various holidays the way they would prefer. Most folks think that the more money and thus more power one has, the easier it is to just throw a bang up party and celebrate. However, the fact of the matter is, responsibility doesn’t do well when put on hold so various activities are pushed to the backburner without a second thought. Today, the First Family should be celebrating the 49th Obama birthday but instead, business calls.

In addition to his own responsibility, the First Lady and Sasha, his oldest daughter are in Spain and Malia is at summer camp. Thus the celebration will probably take place when the entire family reunites. In the meantime, the folks at the White House always throw great parties so it’s highly unlikely that this big day will go unnoticed. The plan for the big Obama birthday is to go home to Chicago on Wednesday morning and join friends on Wednesday evening.

The First Family has a house in Hyde Park in Chicago and if all goes according to plan, the President plans to spend his special night there. Many adults insinuate that personal celebrations aren’t necessary but surely everyone knows the good feeling that comes from being honored for any reason. Even if that special birthday card arrives with work and the need for decisions, everyone deserves a birthday cake no matter what age they are. However, as for the Obama birthday, remember that for the most part, as a nation, we celebrate the birthday of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln but rarely any others.

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