Floyd Mayweather Jr. Yells at 80-Year Old Larry Merchant After Fight

Floyd Mayweather Jr. screamed at 80-year-old sportscaster Larry Merchant following his fight with Victor Ortiz on Saturday after the boxer found Merchant’s methods to make an interview annoying. Put under heavy stress, Mayweather Jr. went on to scream directly in the microphone of Larry Merchant, saying he is not familiar with boxing at all.

Mayweather Larry Merchant

The sportscaster managed to keep his nerves and responded calmly, telling the adrenaline-fueled boxer he wish he was some 50 years younger to kick his a**. The hot-blooded boxer apparently got the point and stopped yelling at Larry Merchant after his timely and adequate response to Mayweather’s screams.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. met Victor Ortiz in a fight for WBC welterweight title at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Floyd Mayweather Jr. won with a controversial knockout that might have provoked him to react angrily to Merchant’s questions.

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