Plane Crashes Into Stands At Nevada Air Show

A veteran P-51 Mustang fighter plane crashed into the VIP section at the air show in Reno, Nevada, killing at least nine people in the first of two similar air show accidents during the weekend. The Galloping Ghost, a reconstructed fighter plane from the times of World War Two, disintegrated over an area of two to three acres, causing numerous injuries to spectators at the air show. Paramedics and air rescue crew demonstrated great skills in dealing with injured spectators and it took them just over an hour to take all of the injured to the nearby hospitals.

Nevada Air Show Crash

The plane missed the grandstand at the National Championship Air Races and hit the ground at the edge of the crowd, saving the lives of many spectators who were sprayed with aviation fuel. Experts revealed it is very rare an airplane hitting the ground at such speed not to explode into a fireball that would have caused vast damages to spectators and nearby buildings.

A day later, an airplane exploded in the air during an air show in West Virginia, killing the pilot in the accident but causing no damage to visitors of the event.
The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the two accidents that occurred within a couple of days. The authorities still have not released an official statement on the cause of the crashes that happened in Nevada and West Virginia.

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