Jenn Sterger and Brett Favre

Brett Favre was yesterdays news and for now, he is pushing his way into the limelight today. At this point, very few people believe that he ever had any intentions of retiring in the first place. It appears he was playing the role of attention-whore and he go tit. However, money is the suspect for what he was trying to get and probably will, the publicity surrounding his naked body parts were probably more than he bargained for. All indication are that Jenn Sterger, a former Sports Illustrated columnist received a text messgae which included a photo of Brett Favre’s most private part of all.

When the Favre story started to unfold yesterday it was supported by the fact that he supposedly sent text messages to teammates regarding his plan to quit playing in the NFL, again. However, it seems that his most private part made it into the attachment in a text sent to the former model. The two pictures that the articles describe that Jenn Sterger received are way more disturbing that you can imagine. As if this is actually true, why would this happen, obviously because it was not really Brett Favre.

This story on the cover seems a bit jolted and out of context for even Brett Favre. However, the site Deadspin has been known to post photos of professional athletes in the raw before. Where the photos come from often times remain a mystery. Jenn Sterger is an educated woman who happens to model and worked for Sports Illustrated, why would she even want to deal with this if it weren’t true? Maybe to get in the limelight because there is no way Brett Favre did this.


  1. Bottom Line says:

    So some bimbo who exposed herself to the world in Playboy claims Favre privately sent her some photos? Even if true, who’s the real slut here?

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