Facebook Voids Marriage at the Regency San Marino

Regardless of the amount of social media businesses and individuals plann to be involved in, the bottom line is that everyone else seems to be doing it so why not? Old classmates or former elementary school friends along with  massive numbers of family members have joined in the social media movement to reunite with their loved ones.  Facebook just happens to be one of the most popular sites for that kind of interaction right now. For one woman who had a beautiful wedding at the Regency San Marino in Italy in 2005, Facebook has basically slapped her in the face.

The wedding was a fraud and unfortunately the woman had no idea although the man in question is asking that the marriage be void from the beginning. The woman suspected her husband was having an affair and went to Facebook to search for the woman. Instead of finding a mistress, she found an entire page of photos of children and family which included the man she thought she had married. While the Regency San Marino is a gorgeous place to have a wedding, questions are looming as to the validity of the wedding since the man has apparently married another woman since that time.

The woman who had married the man in Italy was shell shocked when she hit the search button and found pictures of a wedding that included her husband but not her. According to the second wife, she knew about the original marriage and set the entire account up on Facebook in order to make the information public. Both women appear to have been taken for a ride and right now, neither appear to be happy with the man they called their husband. The second wedding took place at Walt Disney World with the groom dressed as Prince Charming and the only reprieve for the first wife is that at least he didn’t wed a second time at the Regency San Marino in Italy.

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