You Are Beautiful With Operation Beautiful

What started as a simple sticky note on a women’s public restroom mirror has turned into a huge movement. Women are known for being super critical of themselves picking apart their appearance in mirrors everywhere, ordering diet drinks and digging for more tricks to look better. That led Caitlin Boyle to scribble a message on a post it note that said, “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL” and stick it on the mirror in a public restroom. From that one sticky note has grown Operation Beautiful.

The media grabbed hold of the story and sent it on a viral path all the way to the New York Daily News and The various post-it notes that have been left around the world are being composed and made public along with interviews and research regarding how our own esteem affects our lives. Davy Rothbart has put the information together with black-and-white photos. The most obvious name for the book, Operation Beautiful.

If you think it doesn’t matter and that you don’t allow your feelings to show through to others, just leave a note for someone and see if you can tell a difference in their attitude after they discover it. It’s very well documented and researched that our feelings show no matter how hard we try to hide them. If we believe we are beautiful then it shows and if we think we are unattractive, we send that message out hard and fast as well. Take a gander at Operation Beautiful and then get busy and try to change someone’s outlook today.

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