SYTYCD: So You Think You Can Dance Top 3

One of the biggest reality shows of the summer is coming to a close. The cast of dancers were narrowed once again last night leaving one girl and two guys to battle it out. The judges had no say in who was dismissed last night and with 10 million votes cast total, the eighth dancer was sent on his way. That leaves, Kent Boyd, Robert Roldan and Lauren Froderman to dance it out as the So You Think You Can Dance Top 3.

The dancer sent away was Adechike Torbet and apparently the judges were in agreement with the decision. Mia Michaels had been riding Torbet pretty hard as of late for his less than great performances. In addition to Michaels, the other judges have been rough on Torbet in the last two weeks as well. Although Torbet had to know that his dismissal was looming, he surely hoped he would make it to the So You Think You Can Dance Top 3.

When Torbet was interviewed he did say that he wasn’t surprised and indicated that he had learn to embrace the harsh criticism. Judge Adam Shankman was quoted as saying that had Torbet and Roldan danced one another’s routines, the outcome could have been very different. The choreographers play a huge role in what happens on the dance floor and the dancers are left to work with what they are given. Next week, the So You Think You Can Dance Top 3 will take to the stage in the final dance off.

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