The Worlds Largest Coconut Crab

Biology students world-wide study the various lines of animals. Teachers and students spend hours at a time working on how to label a particular animal based on various characteristics. One that doesn’t get talked about often but makes a huge splash is a terrestrial arthropod. The largest crab in the world is known as a Coconut Crab.

The name for this particular arthropod boils down the fact that it is enormous in size. The name comes from the ability to crack open coconuts and eat them. Obviously most coconuts are larger than the common crab. The Coconut Crab though has massive pincers which are larger than the common coconut.

The critter is found in the tropical Indian and Pacific Oceans. Generally speaking, these animals grow to be about 3 feet from head to tail and can weigh as much as 40 pounds. Also known as the robber crab, these arthropods have been known to find a way into houses to steal shiny household items like silverware. While the Coconut Crab are plenty big enough to climb into trees, they will only eat coconut that has fallen to the ground.

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