Carlos Delgado Now a Red Sox

The Red Sox haven’t made too many moves in the off-season to their current major league roster. Rumors are out about why but in most cases, teams completely out of contention wait a little later to see who might come available and teams already pushing for the final end aren’t as needy. For The Red Sox, a first basemen who hasn’t played in the majors since May of 2009 with the Mets is headed tot he Red Sox Minor Leagues. Carlos Delgado took the minor league contract on Saturday.

This is a guy who has 473 career home runs who should play in Rhode Island Sunday. Although he had two hip surgeries since his presences in May of 2009, he did play winter ball in an attempt to improve his game. The current guy playing first base for the Sox had a season ending surgery  on his thumb and Mike Lowell stepped in his spot for the moment. Depending on what Carlos Delgado can show manager Terry Francona over the course of a few days, a move on up to the majors could come sooner than later. For Carlos Delgado, the biggest issue may be how well his hip holds up and he can either make his way back to the top of the ranks or find a place in the minors to stay for a while.

Although the White Sox had their eye on this particular first baseman, the Red Sox apparently saw the need for a first basemen come about first. The Red Sox are in third place and only five against  behind in the A.L. East. They have managed to pull off wins in 8 of their last 11 games and put themselves within striking distance of the AL East Leading Yankees. If Carlos Delgado can put a show on in the minor leagues, he could find himself in a big league uniform sooner than later.

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