Apes Live Forever With Starship Troopers

Movies galore have been made depicting what things will be like in the future in various entities. Tonight a free screening of one on the big up and coming stories featuring fascism, war propoganda and Lower East Side roach aliens will hit the waves for the big future-lover to critique. In this particular movie, these roaches are so serious that they require gun pellets to actually force them out. The fun with Starship Troopers comes with the beauty of the actors involved even if they are surrounded by disgust and alien-like behavior.

The general plot for the movie comes as a young boy has everything he could possibly want but is in danger of being torn to shreds by psycho aliens so he can get busy with Wild Thing Denise Richards.  Don’t be surprised when you arrive at the preview to be greeted with obscene and blunt violence but find yourself willing to follow along. The trip is uncomfortable with all the violence but then most of the aliens look like a female body part and it’s hard to imagine that these don’t elicit at least some type of laughter. In addition to the Starship Troopers,the live music from Grooms and Food Stamps.

Once you are at McCarren Park Ballfields and prepared for the streaming at 6 PM, you can enter the Fandago Contest and drink up some of the Sixpoint.  You can carry on by grabbing some foot at San Loco, Asia Dog and Porchetta because really who doesn’t want to head into the future with pink mashed potatoes. The after movie candy store is at Pete’s Candy Store with $3 pints of Six Point Sweet Action and $9 Panini and Six Point specials for the first 50 Pete’s cardholders. It’s that easy, you can get your park entrance for the SummerScreen of Starship Troopers and get into the excitement

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