Natalie Cole Memoir

Dealing with life’s tragedies are often enough to bring a host of reality to the forefront that many might otherwise every think about. Once a writer suffers repeated tragedies, journaling often becomes an excellent method of relief.  Journaling even if just for oneself, has been known to be extremely therapeutic. As for Natalie Cole, writing of her memoir has definitely been therapeutic.

Once known as one of the most stunning singers of all time, the book details the horrors of kidney disease, organ transplants and the loss of a loved one. The Grammy-winning singer is working on a her book to tell the world about her successful kidney transplant in May 2009. The transplant came about as a loss of her sister occurred on the same day. Natalie Cole also discusses her father Nat “King”Cole in her book as well.

The publisher of the book entitled “Love Brought Me Back” will come out in November. The singer and survivor enlisted in the help of David Ritz who was also along to consult with the books by Ray Charles and Marvin Gaye. Listening to the various tunes that all of these artists are responsible brings feelings of nostalgia to almost everyone. If you are preparing for the release of Natalie Cole’s memoir, get ready because the time is almost here.

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