Ramon Ayala Released

The laws governing immigration have managed to be top priority for many months now. For some, the issue are a life long fight and it has just increased in intensity as of late. In December of 2009, a Christmas party for Beltran-Leyva, a known drug cartel, turned bad and concluded with the arrest of an award winning musician. Ramon Ayala was reportedly released and allowed to return to the States with his family today.

The musician is not in good health and according to various reports, he wasn’t receiving proper medical care while in prison in Mexico. He manager, Servando Cano, did speak out today and indicated that a press conference would be held when his health affords him the ability. The shooting that took place the night he was arrested and his time in jail in Mexico have remained a big secret and many hope to learn more about what might have happened that night.

Various family members and fans of the musician have stood firm that he is in no way part of the organized crime and money laundering that he was accused of while in a Mexico prison. The original reports of his arrest back in December along with the shooting and his subsequent release was first reported by the Latin America Herald Tribune. Fans just continue to wish Ramon Ayala good luck and offer prayers for his health.

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