Honda Recall: Damage Control

Last week a man was released from jail after serving time for vehicular homicide. He was leaving church, ran a light with his family in tow, including his pregnant wife and was considered a suicide driver. He professed the entire way that he was using the break and not the accelerated on his Honda. He was convicted of vehicular homicide and has finally been allowed to return home now amdist many Honda recalls.

This is the third recall in seven years for the Honda Motor Company. The Accord and Civic product lines are being pulled back after keys were being removed from the ignition without the cars being in park. This particular recall affects approximately 384,220 cars. That brings the total Honda recall to 1.4 million cars since the 2003 release.

The cars that were affected particularly were the 2003 Accords and Civics along with the 2004 Elements. The problems don’t appear to be something that can be repaired however, the company maintains that no one should be alarmed. The basis is that only one minor injury has occurred, as if one wasn’t enough. The Honda recalls have definitely put the company on damage control mode.

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