The Other Guys: Will Ferrell With Lindsay Sloane

Fans of various actors often wonder what it would be like to work with their favorite celebrity. Even celebrities get excited when they find out they are going to be hitting the screen with one of the bigger celebrities. It would be a surprise to find someone who didn’t want to work with Will Ferrell. The comedian was on the list of celebrities that Lindsay Sloane was anxious team up with.

The actress and the comedian were put together with Steve Coogan and Mark Walberg. Most celebrities would be excited to just work with Walberg, add in Coogan and Ferrell and that had to be a working girl’s dream. When the script was presented to the actress, her first reaction was Walberg, Ferrell and Adam McCay, count me in on this one for sure. Lindsay Sloane looked over the script that included Will Ferrell and knew that it was exactly what she had been looking to do.

The movie in question, The Other Guys, is sure to be a success. Movies that have featured just one of these actors at a time has routinely been a success. Put several of them together, throw in a funny girl and this should go big time quick. Lindsay Sloane was having a hard time containing her excitement when she was interviewed Babble proving this is a comedy stacked movie.

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