“The X Factor” Better Than Idol?

Simon Cowell’s “The X Factor” TV show did not manage to outpace his former show “American Idol,” getting rating of 8.7 (12.14 million viewers) in its premiere compared to the Idol’s 16.4 rating in its tenths season. CBS’ “Criminal Minds” was watched by 12.3 million viewers the same evening.

The X Factor

“The X Factor” offers a prize worth $5 million in a recording contract, by far the biggest prize a TV show is offering, and Fox invested $250 million to get the rights to air the show in the United States. Before the start of the show, Cowell told journalists he expects some 20 million viewers to watch the “The X Factor,” which sounds too optimistic after the premiere has attracted slightly above 12 million viewers.

Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are starring as judges in the tenth season “American Idol,” whose tenth season opener was watched by 26.2 million viewers, compared to 9.7 million viewers in its premiere season.

Most media experts admit they are not surprised by the ratings because the Idol is an established product while “The X Factor” is yet to set foot at the market. Nevertheless, the rating of the X Factor is not the worst premiere in history of TV series.

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