Aspirin and Sleeping Pills Cause Fantasia Overdose

Fantasia Overdose

Yesterday the news was a flurry with the news of a flight attendant gone off the deep end, which did happen, a car accident killing Oprah which did not happen and one of American Idol’s super girl having an affair with an a married man was all the rage. The headlines were rounding up stories of sex tapes and horrible other stories regarding the love triangle. This American Idol winner has seen her share of difficult times but has been open to discussing her past in most cases. However, a statement was released indicating that she was hospitalized for exhaustion and dehydration but did not confirm a Fantasia overdose of sleeping pills.

Looking back at the childhood of the singer right up through her big debut on Idol, her life is probably more representative of other women like her than we as a nation would like to admit. She openly discusses her father and the abuse she felt from him and her teenage pregnancy. The news yesterday that sex tapes of the singer and Antwaun Cook were surfacing didn’t seem like something that even she would hide from if it were true. The representative for the singer did not specifically state that the Fantasia overdose on sleeping pills was a suicide attempt.

She was hospitalized for a medication overdose on aspirin and a sleeping aid according to various sources. The statement did include the fact that the singer was “heartbroken” and “overwhelmed by the lawsuit and media attention”. However, the statement continued with a plug for her new album “Back to Me”  which should hit stores by the end of the month. In the state of North Carolina which is where she and Antwaun Cook both reside, a spouse can sue a mistress for destroying a marriage and maybe this was the fuel behind a possible Fantasia overdose.

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