Facebook Rush Limbaugh

No matter how big you are in the celebrity world, the political world or the world of celebrity-athletes, you can try to hide from the press but will rarely be successful. Body guards and tons of secrecy can help but someone always has the right number of bills to buy the right information from the people you think you can trust. If you are a conservative radio host who thrives on attention,  obviously the Internet is going to have some of your most private photos circulating. If you go looking, Facebook Rush Limbaugh photos are there and he has posted them himself.

Indeed, the 63 year old man has married 33 year old Kathryn Rogers in Palm Beach, Florida. The wedding took place this past June and this is his fourth marriage. Elton John performed at the wedding reception which comes as quite a surprise considering the conservative views of the groom and the slamming views of Sir Elton himself. On Facebook, Rush Limbaugh has uploaded photos if you want to look to see what his fourth bride looks like or maybe just to see if Sir Elton really was there.

The match up of this conservative radio announcer and this politically incorrect singer remains a mystery to most people. Considering that the radio personality also seems to be called racist, sexist and a homophobe on a regular basis, the Reverend Ken Hutcherson officiating the wedding  is equally surprising as he is black. Maybe the world has managed to read this man wrong all along as his longest term employee is also black.  All this lively chatter has many flocking to Facebook Rush Limbaugh just to see if all this information can indeed be true.

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