Vacation Time in Belize

Belize Vacation

As the new school year looms, various folks are looking for a new vacation spot for a final getaway. Other folks are looking for a nice place to call home during retirement. Central America offers up a diverse society with many cultures and languages. However, Belize is the only Central American country where English is the official language.

The climate along with the fishing, safe waters for boating and grand places for scuba diving and snorkeling, make this  the perfect vacation place for a relaxing getaway. Moreover, for those looking to retire, the jungle and wildlife reserves provide a plethora of beauty. The country thrives on tourism and tours via helicopter show off the country’s natural attractions. Belize is also known for the Maya ruins and largest cave system in Central America.

The natural attractions along with fun rafting and kayaking make this a popular vacation spot that’s easy on the budget. For someone looking to move, living costs are relatively low and a budget of approximately $2,000 a month would allow a couple to live comfortably. Belize is still low on everyone’s radar for retirement and vacation spots so now is the time to see the beauty of the country.

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